We care for Planet

Although the first thing that comes to mind when talking about sustainability is the protection of the environment, the concept of sustainability is actually a holistic approach that includes ecological, economic and social dimensions.

Sustainability has 3 basic components. These components are; environmental protection, economic growth and social development. These concepts should be managed in a balanced way in order to ensure sustainability. When all these components work in harmony, the potential to meet human wants and needs now and in the future increases, and with it, sustainable development is achieved. According to the principles of sustainable development, society should not allow welfare to decline over time.  

As per the United Nations report, World population is expected to reach up to 9.8 billion. Besides, more than 13 million metric tons of textile products are disposed every year in the U.S.A. only. This generates almost 20% of global water pollution caused by textile wastes. The chemicals discharged into nature contaminate the water resources and cause serious damages to the neighbouring eco-system. Carbon emmission of the textile sector is equal to that of aviation sector.

All these factors put textile sector into second place after the petrol industry in terms of causing pollution.

Being a highly eco-sensitive entity from past to present, Ayyildiz / Mblue keeps having textile productions with minimal environmental impact, and we’re getting close to the target of being a pioneer in this approach thanks to our Eco-friendly and Innovative Systems developed with your support as our solution partners.


It is intended for a legal and intended use. Developing and improving all our days.
To raise awareness of all our corporate and employees. We are committed to providing quality communication and promotion.



Quality Management

• To adopt the understanding of total quality.
• Working without sacrificing quality.
• Giving importance to innovations and creativity.
• Improve your employees' engagement.
• The most efficient use of time and resources.
• to be an alternative solution.
• The creation you will create with you.


Environmental Management

• Use in global uses
• To care about and encourage recycling. Minimizing pollution, resource use.
• Environmental risks.
• To raise awareness of our employees in our environment.
• Making use of elements from the life process while constructing our processes.


Occupational Health & Safety

• To provide health care against diseases.
• Minimizing work accidents.
• Be prepared for emergencies.
• Health and safety risks.
• Develop our employees.
• Revitalization of our employees.


Energy Management

• What is our status in energy in all applications.
• To do while the energy can progress.
• To benefit from energy, to assist in the supply of products that can be supplied.
• Improves and reviews the energy plan.
• Making greenhouse gas applications.
• To make renewable energy resources increase.


Sustainable Production From Our Perspective

  • Not causing environmental pollution / Eco-friendly
  • Protecting natural and energy resources
  • Economically applicable
  • Healthy for employees, societies and consumers
  • Generating products and services using socially and creatively useful 
  • processes and systems for everyone

What We Offer

  • Being organized in a way to sustain the efficiency and protect the rights of our employees
  • Eliminating the dangerous circumstances towards human health and environment by reducing the use of chemical substances in the best possible way
  • Achieving caustic recovery through new technologies
  • Producing our own energy from renewable sources via our wind-mill
  • Collecting and filtering rain water
  • Achieving water recovery by purifying our entire waste water


Our Sustainable Line

onotcompromiseonsustainability,weaimforthebestpossibleresultNature is at the core of environmental protection. There are also social and economical aspects to sustainability meaning that the natural resources are handed down to future generations without ignoring the needs of humanity today.

Having this awareness, Ayyıldız Fabrics embraces eco-friendly production and recycling in-house.

Ayyıldız has been operating on the highest standards in every stage since the first day it was founded. Holistic approach has always been the key factor in our actions.

We do not compromise on sustainability, we aim for the best possible result.  


We are excited to announce that at the beginning of 2021, Ayyıldız Fabric started with trial productions within the new facilities.  With the philosophy of learning from the past for creating a better future, we started a new chapter for sustainable production and we would like to sincerely thank you first for your cooperation in the past years. Especially the last the year 2020 reminded us all again, that one impact can change all our ways of life worldwide. 

So we want to welcome you to join us on this exciting journey within our Green Factory to constantly improve our environmental standards for textile productions.


Renewable Energy Sources

Generates 6 Million KWH energy that equals to the monthly electricity requirement of  



Caustic Recovery System

Co-developed with Univermak. Equivalent to the annual clean water requirement of  



Wastewater Treatment System

A total recovery of 95% of wastewater. Equivalent to the annual clean water requirement of  



Rainwater Harvesting

As per average values, we harvest water that equals to the annual clean water requirement of


Information Security Policy

Ayyıldız Textile Fabric Marketing Industry and Trade Inc. and its employees are committed to eliminating and managing any risks to our business continuity, information assets, and personal data. The objectives are as follows:

Documenting, certifying, institutionalizing, and continually improving our information security management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard, Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information assets, including information belonging to customers, business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, or other third parties, and protecting them from unauthorized access, Preventing incidents and breaches affecting business continuity related to information security, Taking measures specified in the Law on Protection of Personal Data and fully complying with the Personal Data Protection Policy, Protecting all personal data and information assets owned by Ayyıldız Textile Fabric Marketing Industry and Trade Inc., ensuring information security conditions in line with national-international standards, laws, and regulations, managing existing and potential risks, and continuously improving, developing, and reviewing information security.


2.1 Personnel, stakeholders, and third parties violating the rules and processes established within the scope of information security may face legal proceedings, and one or more provisions of the sanctions stated in the relevant contracts may be applied.

2.2 In case of violation of Information Security Policies, in accordance with the Disciplinary Regulation and the matters and articles specified, and with the approvals of the Information Security Team and the relevant manager, disciplinary actions such as warning, reprimand, deduction from the monthly salary, suspension of grade progression, monetary fine, and termination of the contract may be applied.