Production & Philosophy

Quality & Sustainability do not only refer to finished products, but also to working conditions, optimization of the energy used, as well as reducing negative impact on environment. When it comes to sustainability, social and economic aspects are involved. In other words, sustainability aims to transfer natural resources to future generations, but it does so without ignoring the needs of today's people.

This awareness is based on environmentally responsible production and recycling in Ayyıldız Fabrics production facilities. We produce sustainably by using eco-friendly and recycled raw materials, water saving reatments and making use of new generation of biological processes within the facilities.

With sensitivity to the environment, our product range is under certifications such as Oeko-Tex 100, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OCS, BSI and BCI. With the environmental and energy efficiency policies implemented in all production facilities and head office, Ayyıldız Fabrics demonstrates an attitude that cares about and protects our future.


Capacity & Revenue

Our aim for our production is to offer the best quality with the best possible results, without compromising on sustainability.

  • 202228.000.000 (Meter)
  • 202127.000.000 (Meter)
  • 202014.600.000 (Meter)
  • 201911.900.000 (Meter)
  • 201810.700.000 (Meter)
  • 20179.500.000 (Meter)
  • 20168.800.000 (Meter)

As of 2021, Ayyıldız Fabrics exports to 40 countries and 65 brands with an annual capacity of 20 million meters. We’re constantly evolving into becoming a more sustainable entity without compromising our high quality standards. 

We never compromises on quality and responsibilities. This is the most important principle we have taken on our way.


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