Making fabric is an art

Fabric is the back bone of fashion. It is the goal of every designer to bring the fabric into life and tell a story with it. We shape each of our fabrics in a unique way to express the form, movement, touch and colors of every collection.

Constantly evolving into better since its foundation in 2010, Ayyıldız has been specialized in producing woven fabrics and become one of the favorite suppliers in the field. Our flexible company structure, fast R&D work and quality procedures are all lined up with full customer satisfaction. Having 4 main collections launched per annum, we’ve been specialized in developing fabrics within a wide range including dobby, jacquard, yarn-dyed, technical and printed fabrics. Close follow-up of trends enables us to develop new yarns and finishing elements that reflect the new trends at every level.

Our production goal is to offer the best quality with best outcomes without compromising sustainability.


Ayyildiz & Sustainability

As per the United Nations report, World population is expected to reach up to 9.8 billion. Besides, more than 13 million metric tons of textile products are disposed every year in the U.S.A. only. This generates almost 20% of global water pollution caused by textile wastes. The chemicals discharged into nature contaminate the water resources and cause serious damages to the neighbouring eco-system. Carbon emmission of the textile sector is equal to that of aviation sector.

All these factors put textile sector into second place after the petrol industry in terms of causing pollution.

Being a highly eco-sensitive entity from past to present, Ayyildiz / Mblue keeps having textile productions with minimal environmental impact, and we’re getting close to the target of being a pioneer in this approach thanks to our Eco-friendly and Innovative Systems developed with your support as our solution partners.


image Welcome to the Zero Discharge Zone

We’re thrilled to announce that Ayyıldız Fabrics has initiated productions in its new plant as 2021 kicked in. Upon the motto “learning from the past to create a better future”, we’ve started a new chapter on sustainable production.

So we’d like to see you on board in this exciting journey in our Green Factory to step into a more sustainable future.

Sustainable development goals

As of 2021, Ayyıldız Fabrics exports to 40 countries and 65 brands with an annual capacity of 20 million meters. We’re constantly evolving into becoming a more sustainable entity without compromising our high quality standards.

We never compromises on quality and responsibilities. This is the most important principle we have taken on our way.


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